Wes Mau has been a prosecutor in Texas for over 25 years prosecuting over 200 jury trials, including capital murder cases, sexual assault cases, and child abuse cases.



Criminal District Attorney, Hays County, Texas

In 2014, Wes was elected Criminal District Attorney for Hays County. The District Attorney’s Office represents the State in all felony, misdemeanor, and juvenile offenses committed in Hays County. The office provides services to merchants and businesses throughout Hays County with our Hot Check Division. Additionally, the Civil Division provides legal assistance to County Departments, elected officials, and the County Commissioners Court while also providing representation for the County in drug and bond forfeitures. The Family Justice Division prosecutes all cases involving child abuse, domestic violence, juvenile crime, and sexual assault, and also provides legal representation to victims of domestic violence who are seeking a protective order from the court.



Office of the Attorney General of Texas

From 2007 - 2014, Wes held the position of Assistant Attorney General in the Criminal Prosecutions Division of the Office of the Attorney General of Texas which is staffed by prosecutors who practice in both state and federal courts in Texas. As one of the several components in the Office of the Attorney General, this division provides prosecutorial assistance to law enforcement entities, county attorneys, and district attorneys across the state of Texas.


Wes worked in the Violent Crime and Major Offender Section of the Criminal Prosecutions Division which specializes in handling complex criminal cases such as capital murder and murder. Cases Wes has tried include the capital murders of two sheriff's deputies, the prosecution of child sexual abuse on the FLDS-run YFZ Ranch in Schleicher County, voter fraud in South Texas, and many others.


Hays County Criminal District Attorney's Office

Previously, Wes was the Chief Assistant to the Hays County Criminal District Attorney. For nine years, Wes was responsible for felony jury trial cases prosecuted by the Hays County DA’s office. Wes also was responsible for appellate brief writing and oral arguments before the Third Court of Appeals and the Court of Criminal Appeals, the highest appellate court in Texas. As the Chief Assistant, Wes provided assistance, advice, and supervision to the other prosecutors in the DA’s office.


Before becoming Chief Assistant, Wes was an Assistant District Attorney for Hays County from 1994 – 1998. In the Felony Division, he prosecuted offenses including narcotics cases, sex crimes cases, and arson cases, and represented the State in asset forfeiture proceedings. And, in the Misdemeanor Division of the Hays County DA’s office, Wes prosecuted misdemeanor offenses of all types, including family violence cases, DWI, and theft.


Texas District and County Attorneys Association

While still in law school, Wes began his legal career working for the Texas District and County Attorneys Association (TDCAA), a non-profit organization dedicated to serving Texas prosecutors and attorneys in government representation.


Upon receiving his law degree, Wes worked as Staff Counsel for TDCAA, providing legal assistance to prosecutors and law enforcement agencies throughout the state. He edited several publications, including the TDCAA edition of the Penal Laws and Code of Criminal Procedure, the primary legal texts used by prosecutors in Texas. During his four years at TDCAA, Wes also researched and wrote seminar papers and a monthly newsletter concerning important legal opinions handed down by the appellate courts.